Joining Kenilworth

Why play bowls?

Bowls is a really simple game that requires just a little skill to play. The aim is simple: to roll your coloured bowls, called woods, as close as possible to a smaller white ball, called the jack. The trouble is that the bowls have a bias which means they don’t go in a straight line, but in a beautiful curve.  It is a game you can start at any age but you are learning and gaining in skill every game.  Bowls provides as much mental stimulation as physical exercise and the social element is just as valuable.

How to join Kenilworth
  1. Come and visit us and meet a few members – try a “roll up”.  We can lend you some bowls (the woods) – we have a range of sizes and types.  We operate a “try before you buy” policy.  The only thing we ask is to come in flat shoes with no heels and preferably no ridges on the soles.  Come a few times if you are not sure – you will be very welcome. Look out for one of our “open days” – usually in May, and advertised locally.  We offer demonstrations and beginners coaching on those days and tea and coffee!
  2. Fill up an application form (available in the Club House) and get two members to propose and second you and leave it in the Club House or post it in to us.

You application will be put on our notice board for a couple of weeks and then considered by the Board of Management.  Soon after that you should get an invitation to join and pay a membership fee.

Special offers

A new member, not having bowled before pays a reduced membership fee and if you join in the middle of the season, we usually spread the first (reduced) membership fee across the following year.  Junior members (under 25) pay a nominal membership fee.

Equipment & clothing

The only thing we ask of new members is to use flat shoes with no ridges on the soles when playing on the greens.  There are many sets of woods available for loan and trying out.  Woods come in a variety of sizes (to suit the size of bowlers’ hands), weights  and bias (the amount of turn when rolled).